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Our Engineering Support Staff provides a complete design concept to finished product per your specifications. Examples of designs have been lighting control (City sport parks, parking lots, street / highway) and commercial applications such as fan and pump controllers.

Design can also be as simple as combination starters to advanced control systems using variable speed drives to programmable lighting control systems. These controls can be housed in the smallest type 1 enclosure indoor enclosure to large free standing type 4x stainless steel enclosures.

We will collaborate and work with consulting engineers to help them design electrical services that will be more cosmetically pleasing as compared to a rack mount, industrial style electrical service installation. This is done by combining all components into one enclosure which will in turn, make any area this service is installed very environmentally and cosmetically appealing.

CAD Drawings

Our CAD Department provides complete assembly and wiring diagrams in leading formats for all our manufactured products. All manufactured products include a complete set of drawings enclosed in each control panel.

We offer on-going technical support and in-field servicing if needed for all our manufactured products after the sell.


Our Manufacturing Facility is set up to handle all types of production runs. No project is to small or to large.


Our Testing Facility puts each manufactured product through a series of tests to provide the customer the most complete quality assurance for a UL 508 Shop.

With 35+ years of experience, Electrol Systems goes one step further than most!

We provide all the resources in-house to build your control panel


Contact us today to begin!

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