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Electrol Systems is a 508 shop. (Reference: E166806) Electrol Systemsí UL listing is for INDUSTRIAL CONTROL PANELS FOR GENERAL USE and INDUSTRIAL CONTROL PANELS FOR SERVICE EQUIPMENT USE.


What do these listings mean to you?

As a UL listed shop, Electrol Systems must maintain the rigorous standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or risk losing their UL rating. At any time, Electrol Systems may be subjected to an unannounced inspection. This means the high standards necessary for a UL shop must be upheld at all times, assuring you a quality product.


How do you assure your customer you are providing a quality product?

Include the following wording in your next specification:
The mere assemblage of UL Listed components does not meet this specification and will not be accepted. The enclosure and disconnect combination must have a UL label stating "ENCLOSED INDUSTRIAL CONTROL PANEL" or other wording indicating that the panel assembly is UL listed.


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