Established in 1983

Electrol Systems, Inc. is a UL 508 shop. Electrol Systems' UL listing is for Industrial Control Panels for General Use and Industrial Control Panels for Service Equipment. What does this mean to you? As a UL listed shop, Electrol Systems must maintain the rigorous standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc., or risk losing our UL rating. This means that the high standards necessary for a UL shop must be held at all times, assuring you of a high quality product.

Electrol Systems uses only the best quality components, many of which we carry in stock. Our manufacturing department at Electrol Systems offers products assembled, and labeled with complete CAD drawings for our standard line as well as our custom line of control panels to help save you time and money. All of our panels undergo thorough in-shop testing and evaluation before being approved for delivery. We also offer ongoing technical support for you and your staff through our Engineering Department to assist with any questions that may arise before or after equipment installation..

Electrol Systems Mission Statement:
Produce a quality product at an affordable price, while exceeding the customer's expectations.

Electrol Systems brings 60+ years of experience to perfect your project per your specifications.

We work toward assisting our customers with the "complete package".

Our sales staff and electrical technicians, with 15+ years experience, work with the customer during the planning stages of the project to assure that everything you need for the successful and timely completion of your project on-site. Before the panel leaves our shop, it has been thoroughly checked and tested by two separate technicians to assure quality, accuracy, and performance before it even reaches its final destination.


Here is a sample of our workmanship and flexibility:

Electrol Systems goes one step further than most. We can assist in the design of your control panel.

Electrol systems builds all types of custom control panels. Some of these are Simplex Control Panels, Duplex Control Panels, and all types of Pump Control Panels.

We build your controls package YOUR WAY - ALL SIZES - ALL VOLTAGES.

(Mounted - Wired - Labeled - Tested)

We also specialize in Starters & Controls like Standard, "Off the Shelf Starters, Full Voltage Starting, Reversing, Multi-Speed, Reduced Voltage, Solid State, Variable Frequency Drive.